Smartpark-System Proposal For Outdoor Playgrounds by Nimet Basar Kesdi & Hatice S. Aydın

Nimet Basar Kesdi & Hatice S. Aydın Exhibits The Smartpark System Proposal For Outdoor Playgrounds

Nimet Basar Kesdi & Hatice S. Aydın, the architect of the awarded work System Proposal for Outdoor Playgrounds by Nimet Basar Kesdi & Hatice S. Aydın points out, Smartpark is technology-based playground which offers a new play pattern. Syst <Cropped>

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Hong Kong Day by One Plus Partnership Limited

One Plus Partnership Limited Portrays The Hong Kong Day Restaurant

ONE PLUS PARTNERSHIP LIMITED, the designer of the highlighted design Award Winning Hong Kong Day Restaurant spells out, Mahjong is a traditional game that Hong Kong people enjoy in gatherings, it is chosen to represent Hong Kong culture. Different sh <Cropped>

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Retail Pop-Up:nike Studio Beijing by Coordination Asia

Coordination Asia Designs The Nike Studio Beijing Retail Pop-Up

Coordination Asia, the architect of the highlighted design Nike Studio Beijing by Coordination Asia explains, Nike requested a pop-up space that embodied infinity and empowerment while promoting their new collections and Nike+ Run Club. We came to <Cropped>

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Hood:cast Hood by Arcelik Design Team & Patricia Urquiola

Arcelik Design Team & Patricia Urquiola Reveals The Cast Hood Hood

ARCELIK DESIGN TEAM & PATRICIA URQUIOLA , the author of the awarded work HOOD by ARCELIK DESIGN TEAM & PATRICIA URQUIOLA demonstrates, The hood was developed to perfectly integrate within the exiting architectural structure of the kitchen, bu <Cropped>

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Wine Labes by Giovanni Murgia

Giovanni Murgia Reveals The The Sands Wine Labels Wine Labes

Giovanni Murgia, the author of the displayed design Award Winning The Sands Wine Labels Wine labes illustrates, To realize the design of these labels, the research has been carried out on printing techniques, materials and graphic choices, able to re <Cropped>

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Spa Oasis by Olga Borisova

Olga Borisova Reveals The Spa Oasis Relaxation Area

Olga Borisova, the lead designer of the awarded work Relaxation area:Spa Oasis by Olga Borisova explains, Spa "Oasis" is located in Moscow international business center Moscow City. Harmonious interior, light, music let you feel yourself pr <Cropped>

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Award Winning Shallot Event Promotion

Zhu Sha Reveals The Shallot Event Promotion

Zhu Sha, the creative mind behind the awarded work Zhu Sha's Shallot event promotion points out, Shallot is the visual identity designed by X1000 studio for the CFDG Young Director Support Program, including logo, posters and extended design. T <Cropped>

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Card Holder by Adrian Bogdan

Adrian Bogdan Designs The Kord Minimalist Wallet Card Holder

Adrian Bogdan, the maker of the award winning design Adrian Bogdan's Kord Minimalist Wallet Card holder points out, Inspired by geometry, simple shapes and clean lines, the KORD card holder is a minimalist card wallet designed with great aesthet <Cropped>

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Dispensing System by Entwurfreich Gmbh

Entwurfreich Gmbh Shares The Hofmann Power Weight-Speedbox Dispensing System

ENTWURFREICH GmbH, the project leader of the displayed work Dispensing System by ENTWURFREICH GmbH explains, The Brand “Hofmann Power Weight” by WEGMANN automotive stands for high quality, efficiency and innovation in balancing weights. These Val <Cropped>

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Residential Space:embrace by Chin-Hsu Huang

Chin-Hsu Huang Reveals The Embrace Residential Space

Chin-Hsu Huang, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Chin-Hsu Huang's Embrace Residential Space explicates, An embrace is a gesture used to express emotion. The concept was presented in a large spatial architecture. We focused on how <Cropped>

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