Confucius Spring Feast-Logos by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Creates The Confucius Spring Feast Logos

The lead designer of the displayed project Logos by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, As a large scale public interest grand gathering, the logo of the first session of China (Shenzhen) Confucius Spring Feast is characterized with “春(spring)”, in <Cropped>

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Ring Design Award

The a' Design Award For Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Is Now Open For Submissions. Show The World How Good Your Design Is !

The A' Design Award for Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design is the indicator of quality and perfection in design. The A' Design Award for Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design winners are evaluated primarily on visual appeal, choice of material a <Cropped>

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Our Stories by Stefan Canuel

Stefan Canuel Illustrates The Our Stories Exhibition

Stefan Canuel, the maker of the award winning project Exhibition by Stefan Canuel demonstrates, In June 2017, the National Gallery of Canada opened three major exhibition offerings. We anticipated that visitors would need contextual information to he <Cropped>

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Yuno by Andreas Krob

Andreas Krob Portrays The Yuno Multifunctional Stacking Table

Andreas Krob , the creative mind behind the awarded design Yuno by Andreas Krob illustrates, yuno, the smart alternative to the folding table. Open plan areas and halls call for a particularly high degree of efficiency in the handling of tables and c <Cropped>

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Memory: Regathering Syria

War Is The Most Serious Reason For Causing The Damage to Both Artificial and Natural Landscape. Syria, One of The Oldest Civilizations in The World Is Entering It’s Another Year of Debilitating Violence At a Moment of Geopolitical Flux. a Huge Deficit

War is the most serious reason for causing the damage to both artificial and natural landscape. syria, one of the oldest civilizations in the world is entering it’s another year of debilitating violence at a moment of geopolitical flux. a huge de <Cropped>

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Nanchang Insun International Cinema by Ajax Law & Virginia Lung

Ajax Law & Virginia Lung Shares The Nanchang Insun International Cinema Cinema

Ajax Law & Virginia Lung, the designer of the awarded design Cinema by Ajax Law & Virginia Lung says, The cinema, located in a Book City, has inspired the designers to combine the two elements into their design. White background with black fo <Cropped>

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Yulia Mariana-Light Installation by Naai-Jung Shih

Naai-Jung Shih Exhibits The Yulia Mariana Light Installation

Naai-Jung Shih, the project leader of the awarded design Light Installation by Naai-Jung Shih points out, The Yulia Mariana is a light installation for visual enjoyment. The art of figure skate is made real by a Mobius ring as enhanced by lights cast <Cropped>

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Outdoor Led Light by David Polasek

David Polasek Spotlights The Elektro Lumen Hasta Outdoor Led Light

David Polasek, the architect of the awarded work Elektro Lumen Hasta by David Polasek demonstrates, Hasta is prototype of urban LED lamp with high lifting performance for public space instalation. Can be situated along the pavement lane, street line, <Cropped>

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Pendant by Ghazaleh Hajibabaiy

Ghazaleh Hajibabaiy Exhibits The Chuva Pendant

Ghazaleh Hajibabaiy, the designer of the highlighted project Ghazaleh Hajibabaiy's Chuva Pendant explains, The designer was inspired by a song that is about memories, which were made by loved ones.The inspiration came from these sentences:" <Cropped>

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Interactive Electronic Door Lock by Chandrashekhar Nadgouda

Chandrashekhar Nadgouda Creates The Interactive Electronic Door Lock Lock The Door and Enable Home Automation

Chandrashekhar Nadgouda, the architect of the awarded work Interactive Electronic Door lock - Lock the door and enable home automation by Chandrashekhar Nadgouda explains, Interactive electronic lock is a next generation Interactive security system t <Cropped>

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